Wot I Did This Weekend

…not as much as we might have done, due to the lovely Purple Fred not being too well…apparently she caught the minor cold I had last weekend, only in her case it turned into the flu :-(

Still and all, it didn’t stop us enjoying an evening out last night, in the company of Sarah, Steve, Becky, George, Jenny and Chris. A pretty fab pub meal was had by all, and PF discovered a new favourite pudding in eton mess.

And today we went a-Raynetting, on the Meon Valley Plod, a luvvly 20-mile cross country run around the Meon Valley, featuring glorious scenery and the best weather I’ve ever seen for this event…in as much as the temperature was above freezing and it didn’t rain!

And needless to say we managed a couple of caches…
Another Meon View on the way to the event, and
Pint of HSB and a cache please on the way home.

Get well soon PF darling…we have an adventure to plan for next Saturday!

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