Interesting Times

That was an interesting evening.

I’ve been to Hospital Radio: The first thing different to normal was that m’colleague Rockin’ Rob wasn’t there, being himself a bit under the weather (and according to our chum Doo Ron Ron, who spoke to him on the phone, he does sound rough!). Normally that wouldn’t matter…it just means that I choose the music unassisted, which means we play some decent stuff (i.e. from before Rob was born!).

Tonight I had the additional challenge of studio five – from where Thursday Magazine is normally thrust upon the world – turning up its toes and dying – specifically a low voltage power supply that died every fifteen minutes. Luckily – or so I thought at the time – I noticed in time and decamped to studio one just before the programme started.

Now studio one has had its share of problems in its sixteen year life: Being the preferred studio of someone who never tidied up after themselves was one, the radiator never working was another: In comparison the fact that it was thought for a while to be haunted was a minor thing (and useful when we needed a phantom power supply…hee hee, technical joke there!). It’s now about to become the home of Southampton Area Talking Newspaper, and has already been customised for their use – which means:
– the controls for turntable one are labelled “TAPE”
– the controls for turntable two are labelled “CD”
– turntable one doesn’t work anyway (or at least, it only works on the left stereo channel)
– CD one has to be cobbled into the desk because its controls have been stolen by a cassette player
– the computer needed some…ahem…modification before it would work properly.

And at ten o’clock I said “…and here is the news”, pressed the button, and nothing happened. Nada. What we call “dead air” (and yes Rob, I DID try to use the NEW news channel!).

I don’t think it went too badly really. And I’ve recorded the whole thing for m’chum Mallers who’s in hospital at the moment…Neil, look out for a CD winging it’s way your way :-)


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