Mungo Mechanic

I finally motivated myself to phone Mungo’s Garage Services.

“Hello, Mungo speaking, how can I help?”
“Hello Mungo, I’d like to book my car in for some work”
“Finest kind, that’s what we do best! What would you like us to do?”
“You did some diagnostics a couple of weeks ago, I’d like the work out of that done please”.
“OK hang on, I’ll just check the screen”

*Our hero is left listening to an interesting selection of on-hold music*

*There is some negotiation about dates*

“Yes sir, we can do that, we’ll see you next week then”
“Great…oh, and while you’ve got it, could you do an MOT?”
“We sure can…of, but we’d better do the work before the MOT or it’ll fail”
“I kinda knew that…that’s why I’m asking you to do the work”.

Why am I trusting my lovely Grunty to these people?

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