Healthy Friends

We had a Health and Safety meeting today :-)

Not an unusual situation you might think, given what I do for a living, and it’s the seventh since I’ve been here. What I’m still surprised by, every time, is how friendly they are. At my last workplace, meetings took three or four hours, most of which was filled with union reps whinging about not being given the information they needed to be able to do their jobs – information which the Data Protection Act stopped us giving them without their own members’ permission.

Today’s meeting was over in fifty minutes, including videoconference to four remote location, one of which had the chairman. Oh yes – at these meetings I don’t have to be the chairman or take the minutes, so I can focus on being the health and safety person. There’s a thing! We get a free lunch too!

And one the walk to work this morning I found West End Trail – Sewer Gardens, which completes this series of three London caches for me. I hope there are going to be more of them – nice little caches and thoughtfully placed.

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