Well, at last I’ve achieved a few things: I’ve finished a letter to my friend Mark the Buddhist (which I might remember to post tomorrow), I’ve got the caravan sorted out after my holiday (although the fridge is still a bit of a biohazard zone), and my holiday blog is ready for you all to read. There’s a link over there on the top left.

I still haven’t found the postcards I bought while I was away, which is a pity…there was a nice aerial view of last year’s event, and if you looked really carefully you could just see my caravan in the bottom right hand corner. My Mum has one (which I posted to her) stuck to her fridge, but I really wanted one of my own for the office wall. Ah well, I can always scan hers.

Something else that’s still to be located is the source ofthe odd smell in the car. Can postcards go manky? If so, that might kill two birds with one stone, although it seems a bit far fetched doesn’t it. That’ll have to wait however…I’ve got an early start in the morning so I think I’ve done enough for one day.

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