Lots of Things

SOOO much has happened since I last blogged…

Grunty has been in for a service, and been checked over for the work that’s needed before the MOT. And then of course, Saturday was Valentine’s Day…which could only mean geocaching activity with Purple Fred, and some family and friends :-)

On Sunday I was Raynetting in the north of the county, and on the way I called in at a shop near PF’s house for a pie: I bought a steak and onion pie with the rather unusual slogan “Specialising in Sandwiches”. I thought that was rather an odd slogan for a pie, but having eaten it I think they’re right…they should stick to sandwiches :-(

The event over, it was time for some caching…
SideTracked – Mortimer Station, Berkshire and
Elf Yourself were straightforward enough, apart from the VERY agricultural smells at Elf Yourself…then it was on to
The Devil’s Highway. This is along a byway (an off-road track which it’s legal to drive) which the cache description says is recently resurfaced and driveable in all types of vehicle.

Normally the rule in off-roading is “never drive anything for the first time on your own, unless you’ve walked it first”, but with a recommendation like that I was prepared to chance it, especially as it started so promisingly…

And it was going so well untill literally a few yards from the end, when I came to the huge fallen tree blocking the path. At which point I remembered that in the whole mile-and-a-half there’d only been one place to turn round. Reversing for threequarters of a mile off-road is…um…exciting!

And then on the way home I stopped at Winchester Services for
Motorway Mayhem-M3 Winchester Services Southbound, which was much easier and offered a chance for coffee and biscuits!

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