I Love Cats

I was in Clintons Cards this morning.

Needless to say, given the season, they have a HUUUGE range of Valentine cards: wife, girlfriend, fiancee, the one I love…yadda yadda. I feel quite sorry for anyone who’s got a birthday around now, the birthday cards are all in one small rack by the door. And I couldn’t find any “Get Well” cards at all :-(

But what really surprised me – and scared me a little bit – was the “Happy Valentine to My Adorable Cat” card. At first I thought it was a hippy sixties-style thing for a cool hip cat…but it’s got a picture of a cat on the front, and another inside with the words “To a purrrfect puss”.

I will admit that when we had Garfield, he always got a Christmas card from me, and I got one from him – funny, his pawwriting looked just like my Mum’s. But I’m sure Valentine cards are a step too far.

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