Well, I got home last night OK…no thanks to London Underground though!

I normally come back from Yorkshire on the Virgin Train that goes all the way through to Southampton, avoiding all the hassle of changes and things like that: This time – and I can’t remember why I decided to do it this way – I travelled via London, National Express to Kings Cross, then Waterloo to home on SouthWest Trains. The first bit worked OK, in fact National Express – with their lovely free on-board wi-fi – might be my new favourite train company.

But when I got to London, Kings Cross underground station was closed. Not only that, but from the number of people coming out, it looked as if it was being evacuated. I knew a back route to Russell Square, so I walked down there – and was embarrassed that in spite of all the signs, I couldn’t find the entrance to the underground station! So I carried on to Holborn station, which was also closed and the gates guarded by big hairy policemen.

Funny thing is, walking from Kings Cross to Waterloo only took about five minutes longer than the undergound normally does :-)

Anyway, I bought a pasty at Waterloo, and the SouthWest Trains part of the journey passed without incident, so that was OK. And now I have to do my one-day-delayed unpacking.

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