Whether Depends on the Weather

…but first, thanks for your good wishes on yesterday’s anniversary :-) . No, Bel, no need to buy a hat just yet – although of course you can if you want!

I’m carefully checking the weather forecast for the next couple of days: I’m working in London tomorrow as normal, then tomorrow afternoon I’m heading up to Yorkshire where I’m staying tomorrow night before working in the office there on Tuesday. The forecast at the moment suggests I’ll get there OK, but may be stranded there Tuesday night: Not much of a hardship really ‘cos the hotel we use up there is rather nice!

The only upsetting thing is that there’re no caches anywhere near the office.

Watch this space – there’s unlikely to be bloggage tomorrow because I’m not taking the lappy with me: If there’s nothing on Tuesday night, I’m probably still in the (literally) frozen north :-(

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