Fifty two weeks ago, Purple Fred and I had our first meeting :-) As this appears online, we are due to be stuffing our faces with ethnic cuisine and staring into each other’s eyes.

As I drove to that first meet, a year ago today, I was listening to some old tat on the radio: they were playing a country and western song, in which the singer gives advice to his much younger self, including the line “…and if you get a date with Purple Fred, well that works out just fine…”.

Apart from the fact that he said PF’s real name, not “Purple Fred”, I promise you that’s true. And as some of you know, PF’s real name is uncommon enough to make that a spooky coincidence.

Anyway, it HAS worked out just fine, and we’re having a lovely time. All of my friends who’ve met PF like her, and all of hers that I’ve met seem to like me – even the ones who thrash me at online Scrabble. So here’s to the next year!

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