Tesco Game for a Laugh

Following my moan last week about Tesco recycling, some of you might have missed Susan Hedgehog’s comment, so here it is again:

Like you, we were keen points gatherers at Tesco Recycling and saved our points up for Christmas. However, Tesco have now stopped giving any points at their machines for anything other than certain cans (ie. coke, beer etc). Iím afraid no points for glass, plastics or tin food cans.

I wrote to complain and got a reply in which Tesco said that customers were abusing their system and cutting plastics up in order to gain extra points. I pointed out that customers would hardly be cutting glass into chunks so why werenít they giving points on that but they didnít reply on that point. I also pointed out that this practice, carried out by a minority, was hardly going bankrupt Tesco, surely their part in saving the planet was more important but apparently not.

Cutting bottles in half to get extra points? Who’d do such a thing? OK, Tesco’s speedy response comes a mere three months after someone admitted as much in a national news story, but I’m sure it’s been going on much longer than that.

Oh well, it was nice while it lasted, and I’ve got fifteen minutes of every Thursday evening back…not to mention all the time spent cutting plastic bottles in half.


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