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Sorry for the rather odd title…but I thought you might like a change from variations on the theme of “Lovely Weekend”. Although it was a lovely weekend needless to say…

But before I go into the detail, thanks to Susan for her explanation of the last post – see it in the comments if you haven’t already. Tesco appear to be ratbags.

So, the weekend…and there was an assault on Purple Fred’s to-do list, resulting in a major feeling of achievement, a few more items for the e-Bay box, a full bin bag, a duvet for the laundry and a room that’s much tidier than it was before.

So then we went caching! It was rather colder than we expected, but we had a great time, seeing three SouthWest Trains 444s on the Southampton – Bournemouth line and finding two decent caches that had some decent swag in them…the way ALL caches were, once upon a time!

The caches were Trains and Tadpoles (where we saw the trains)
Ham Jam 100, where we DIDN’T see any trains, but we did see two trees having a cuddle.

Then today, I went to the gym, and once again the rowing machine made me think I was never going to walk again!

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