Is It Me?

In our London office, we decided quite a while ago that as few people as possible would know in advance about fire drills.

This was for two reasons: first we wanted to be sure that people were responding genuinely. If there’s a real fire and fire wardens are goiong to take five minutes to get back to their desks and collect their hi-viz jackets and their radios, we’d rather know about it in advance. If they know about the drill, they’re only human, and they’ll make sure they’re near their desks.

The other reason is that if people know there’s a fire drill at quarter to twelve, there’s going to be a spate of early lunches that day and it’ll be me, the fire wardens and the office cat doing the drill.

So I was a bit narked when the landlords sent an email round the other day, not only telling us when the fire drill was going to be, but calling a briefing meeting for fire wardens half an hour before! I may as well send round an “all staff” e-mail saying “Would everyone please meet at the fire assembly point at 11:47″. Which of course is exactly what would happen in a real fire.

Strangely reminiscent of an episode of “Fawlty Towers”. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so serious :-(

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