Well what a lovely weekend that was :-)

It started with getting the caravan moved to its permanent storage location, which was a major job off my to-do list, and then I helped Purple Fred do a couple of items on her to-do list. And then after lunch, we changed into our getting-muddy gear (which proved to be a sensible move) and went geocaching!

First was
My ‘ampshire no. 7, a clever little hide where we bumped into old caching chums Kitty Hawk and family. Then came
My ‘ampshire no. 6, after which I suggested retiring to a tea shoppe for hot chocklit: PF, however, is made of sterner stuff, and may be just a little bit geocaching-obsessed, so we carried on and did
My ‘ampshire no. 5, where we met new caching chums MuppetMel and family, and then
My ‘ampshire no. 3.

On Sunday we helped out at the Stubbington Green 10k race and did a couple more caches:
Solent Way: Hill Head Steps and
Norseman Unplugged, as well as dlscovering a rather nice new lunch venue. As I said, a LOVELY weekend!

Oh, and this morning I achieved another cache,
Back on the Grid, on the way to work!

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