A Sign of Something…

Busses in London – or at least the ones I ride on – have a message board inside, which tell you the name of the next stop, accompanied by a recorded announcement.

As an aside, there are a few different voices used on the announcements – my favourite is the lady who does the route 168. The way she says “Old Kent Road, Tesco” is sooo sexy.

Ahem…anyway, these signs are really useful. In a city where probably half of the bus passengers are strangers, and may not understand English too readily, being able to look out for their destination in written-down (or maybe written-up) format must be really helpful. And the spoken announcements are helpful if you’re ratted and otherwise likely to miss your stop…at least according to m’colleague Roddy, who has some experience in this field.

Worst Bus Southampton have just started installing similar displays on their busses: There was one on the bus I came home on this evening. It said “8 to Lordshill”.

Is it my imagination, or would most people have known that before they got on the bus?

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