Screen Test

I told you that I treated myself – with the gadget money my Mum gave me for Christmas – to a new gadget. It was the TomTom One Traffic, and one day I’ll do a review of that for you, and tell you why I moved to a standalone satnav unit, as opposed to running the TomTom software on a PDA as I’ve always done before.

But today I want to tell you about the screen protector I bought for it. It’s basically a piece of clear sticky-backed plastic, cut to size, that you stick on the screen to protect it from scratches and dirty finger marks. I bought it from that great emporium of all things top quality, eBay, so I was expecting good things.

Well, it was cut to the right size.

To be fair, it’s pretty sticky as well: The main problem – apart from the difficulty of getting all the air bubbles out – is that they’ve put a tab in one corner which is supposed to help with lowering the protector on to the screen. The trouble is, the tab sticks to the protector like…umm…a very sticky thing, and so far I’ve only got it half off, leaving an unsightly mess in the middle of the screen.

That’ll teach me to buy cheap. I think I’ll abandon it and lash a few quid on a decent one.

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