New Game

Just when you thought geocaching was as much fun as you could have with a GPS, I’ve come up with something new…

For this game, you’ll need:

  1. A GPS (probably with a SirfIII chipset, as you’ll be using it inside a train)
  2. Accurate co-ordinates of a number of railway level crossings
  3. A train where the on-board loos flush on to the track – any one where they loos have a sign saying “Do not flush while the train is standing in a station” will do.

Go to the loo, and pour something brightly-coloured down the pan: Flourescent paint would be amusing. I was originally going to propose playing the game with something a little closer to what the loo was originally designed for, but that might be a bit unpleasant. Although less likely to get you banned for life from trains.

Having put something appropriate in the loo, watch your GPS: Your aim is to flush the loo at exactly the right time so that your glo-paint, Richard the Third or whatever splats in the middle of the level crossing.

A couple of points to note…

1) – this is a theoretical exercise only – I’m not encouraging anyone to pour anything in a train loo that would probably block it!

2) – I bet Omally will be the first to try it – and not with paint, either :-)

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