I’ve been quite impressed recently.

I decided to bow to the inevitable and change my old paper driving licence for one of the whizzy new photocard ones. It goes against the grain a bit – on the grounds that if the guvmint want me to do it, it can’t be good – but I’ve been tipped off that the car hire people in Lanzarote can be a bit awkward about accepting paper licences, and while if I was on my own I’d be inclined to stand my ground and be equally awkward back, as I’ll have chums with me I just want it to go smoothly.

So – I checked the DVLA website and it told me I could do the whole process online. Although a good chum of mine who works for DVLA tells me that isn’t possible, I thought I’d give it a try…and it worked! You fill in all your details and tell them your passport number…the system goes off and gets your photo and signature from the passport database and viola – or other stringed instrument of your choice – ’tis done. Better still, it arrived in a week, including the New Year bank holiday :-)

It’s nice to know some things work the way they should :-)

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