A Festival of Incompetence

Don’t get the wrong idea from the title…I’ve had a brilliant New Year weekend. It included…but was not restricted to…

  • Buying a new gadget (technically I bought it with my gadget money my Luvvly Mum gave me, so it was her Christmas present to me)
  • Lunch at a restaurant I’d never been to before (although Purple Fred had)
  • A whacking good evening out to celebrate the Lady Sally-J’s birthday
  • Lunch out with Jenny, to celebrate her being down in t’South for t’weekend
  • Learning to play Poker with Purple Fred (we blame the fact that she beat me on my miunderstanding of how she read the rules to me :-) )
  • A little light caching, finding two rather nice caches:
    Not another Pointless Micro Protest Cache
    A Traditional Cache for Christmas

…and of course loads of time with the lovely lady Purple Fred!

The festival started when we tried to book our overseas holiday for later in the year…luckily PF did the phoning – I’d have given up long before the end, told them to stuff their useless holiday and their useless website and their useless staff, and we’d have ended up going to a B&B in Weston-Super-Mare instead. But she persevered with their useless telephone people and now we’re off to Lanzarote in May!

The second bit of incompetence comes from the traffic division of Hampshire Constabulary: I knew there’d be trouble getting home from Purple Fred’s house because Southampton FC were playing at the Gasworks Ground, and for some strange reason Northam Bridge is always closed to traffic when the footie turns out: Still and all, I got to the approach road and the “Bridge Closure” warning signs were turned off, so I guessed everyone was all clear, and proceeded.

And sat in the middle of the bridge for twenty minutes while miserable Saints supporters, and cheerful MU supporters, streamed past. Once I finally got moving, the traffic lights at the other side of the bridge were red, but a policeman was waving us all on…until we stopped at the pelican crossing a hundred yards further on, where the lights were also red. A WPC ran up and waved us on, but they should’ve had someone there all along, or turned the pelican lights off. There’s a camera on those lights…if I had my picture taken I shan’t be pleased.

So, two bits of Police muppetry so far – turning off the warning sign and not patrolling the pelican crossing. But they’d saved the best till last: careful Police planning meant that all traffic was approaching Charlotte Place Roundabout from every direction – and staying there gridlocked, because they didn’t have any officers on duty there.

And this morning I had to walk to the station and missed the 06:30 train, because First Bus are, as I may have mentioned before, sh*te.

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