Review 2

So it’s the last day of 2008: on the first day I published a list of things I intended to achieve during the year. Shall we have a quick look back and see how it went?

Work out how to make the lappy use my mobile phone for internet access
Partial success – well, total failure, but I solved the problem of mobile internet by a different means.

Finish a few overdue jobs on Grunty, including fixing the radio aerial…
…a couple of ham-radio installation related tasks…
I can’t remember what they were, but I don’t think I did them
…and fitting the gadget that mutes the radio when the mobile rings
Still outstanding

Spend some time with my Ickle Godson and his family, whom I haven’t seen for far too long
Oh dear – suffice to say I’m very embarrassed at how badly I did on this one.

In 2008 I WILL finish my Christmas present shopping by the end of November
I was still doing online shopping on December 22nd :-(

On the other hand…I had a seekrit resolution at the start of the year, which has gone very well indeed :-) . So that’s OK. 2009 resolutions coming tomorrow – Happy New Year one and all!

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