Review 1 – the Year in Pictures

With it being the end of the year and all, I thought I’d share a few pictures that most of you won’t have seen…but first, a Net(doesn’t)work Rail ticket-barriers-at-Waterloo update. I was a bit optimistic about how long they’d last – the ones on platforms 9 – 19 were locked open this evening. Two days.

And so to the photos, and we start with this, taken on the Dartmoor cachepedition:

It’s always nice to have some decent photos of your friends.

Mmm, beer…

..and food. Well, a TraveLodge breakfast anyway.

I find home-cooked food much nicer.

I gave Grunty a bath, after some particularly wet and sticky off-roading. This was the road outside my house, just afterwards.

Money money money…18p in Zimbabwean shillings.

Tower Bridge. I had to have one serious picture – shame about the screening. From the noise I think they were sandblasting.

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