Train-Related Grrr…

Back to work – and the joy of half-empty trains (at least in the morning) is tempered by the new ticket barriers at Waterloo.

Net(doesn’t)work Rail have spent the last several months (and several million squids, although they’re not admitting how much) fitting ticket-operated barriers at Waterloo, and today was the first day of operation. A half-empty train led to huge queues and confusion, with Waterloo station staff getting very angry (and rude, in one instance I heard) with punters who dared to be annoyed at the delay.

I don’t suppose it’ll be a problem for long – I give it a month before they start breaking down (probably assisted by some non-gentle treatment from people who don’t want to miss their trains): There’ll be no money to repair them so in the end they’ll have to be locked open, and we’ll be back to where we were before.

In the meantime, next Monday – the first day of return to normal passenger numbers – promises to be interesting.

UPDATE: Coming home this evening, my season ticket – which has four months to run – wouldn’t work the gate. Apparently some of the new gates can’t cope with tickets that are getting old, and I can expect this to get worse until I get a new ticket at the end of April.

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