According to the paper being read by the bloke in front of me on the train this morning, the key question of the day is, “Strictly: Did the Right Couple Win?”. Since I don’t know which couple did win I can’t really comment, but from the accompanying photo it looks like at least one of them was wearing a pink fluffy dress, so that’s ok.

I was quite happy that both Strictly AND X Factor have finished for the season…until I discovered that a new series of Big Brother is about to start :-(

Anyway, to more important things…I came out of the office this evening and the road outside was crowded, not with the usual going-home-commuter crowd, but with families with small children. OK, I know the school hols have just started, and I can understand them going to London for shopping or shows…but there’re no shows anywhere near where I work and no shops of the kind that would interest a family on a day out. The oldest building is about thirty years old, and we’re not on the way to anywhere famous…so what’s the attraction?

My theory: They’re all blog readers I didn’t know about, on a Mungo-spotting tour. ‘Tis the only possibility.

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