Tee Vee Too

I made an exciting discovery last weekend.

Many of you will be aware of the BBC iPlayer, a system by which BBC programmes are available to watch on the BBC website one hour after transmission. I knew about it, but I’d never made use of it, until last Sunday night I found myself with a spare hour to watch the final episode of Spooks that I’d missed on Monday.

Browsing the site, I found that you can not only watch programmes on-line while you’re connected to t’internet: You can download them to watch later when you’re not connected to t’internet…in a boring business meeting, for example, or in a remote cachepedition cottage, or on the train. Better yet, you can download a low-res version to play on a PDA…and it’s all free!

This week my homeward-bound train journeys have been enlivened by two episodes of Real Rescues, the episode of Top Gear where they enter the 24-hour race, and one of Sean Locke Live at the Apollo. The quality is a bit crap and if I’m going to keep watching stuff on the tiny screen I’ll either need some new reading glasses or a party pack of headache pills. But hey…it’s free :-)

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