Most of you will know that one of my favourite TV programmes is QI. On which subject I heard a brilliant spoof of it on the radio a while back…QI, presented by Stephen Cambridge, with contestants David Cambridge, Robert Cambridge, John Cambridge and dear little Alan Comprehensive. You get the idea.

But that wasn’t really what I wanted to talk to you about…I just thought I’d mention it. Its relevance to today’s subject is that I often find myself watching Newsnight on Fridays, not because I like it especially but because when QI finishes, I’m sitting there with my laptop and I can’t be bothered to get up and turn the TV off.

Newsnight is a pretty standard news programme, but on Fridays it includes Newsnight Review: A presenter is joined by three guests from the world of art and literature and they review the latest cinema and book releases. The guests are invariably the sort of people who regularly feature in Pseuds’ Corner in Private Eye and are all so important – and with such important opinions – that they just have to talk over each other, so that their Very Important Opinions are fully communicated to the ordinary people, who couldn’t possibly understand difficult things like films and books without their help.

My favourite from recent weeks has been Germaine Greer’s summing-up of Australia, the new film about…Australia.
“You’d expect a film like this to be full of panoramic shots of the craggy Australian scenery…but it’s just full of close-up shots of Nicole Kidman’s craggy face”

Ooh…saucer of milk for the Australian feminist writer.

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