Strictly Speaking

I was going to blog about the latest BBC rigged voting scandal, relating to last Saturday’s Strictly Come Dancing. But then I realised that I didn’t care either way.

Although I guess I should say that I’m writing this a day in advance, so by the time you see this that may have been superseded as the latest scandal – but then, if there is a new one, I’m not likely to care about that, either. I’m one of those people – as I’ve said before – who totally fail to see the point of these phone-in vote programmes. OK, back in the far-off days of last year, when the BBC’s profit on the Strictly calls went to charity, I can kind-of understand it, although I still don’t see the motivation for spending money on a phone vote – a portion of which goes to charity – rather than not phoning and giving the whole amount to charity.

But then, I don’t understand why anyone would watch Strictly anyway, so there’s obviously some hidden meaning that millions have spotted that I’ve missed.

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