Track ‘n Trace

The organisation I work for often has the need to send secure packages.

We’ve tried various means, including a couple of public carriers who are government-approved for the purpose, but we’ve never been totally happy about the trackability being suitable for the security level we want. Then today, someone suggested GPS tracking: there’s a device consisting of a GPS connected to a mobile-phone-like device that you put in your parcel, and whenever you want to know where it is, you send a text message to the phone, and it replies to tell you where it is (or where it was when it last had a GPS signal).

We know the technology works, we’ve used it on a few geocaching events to track a mobile cache: but the whole idea started us thinking of possible upgrades…

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a TomTom-type device that you could fit to a parcel? As well as helping the delivery driver find where he was going, it could keep an eye on time (“You call this express delivery? We should’ve been there by now!”), and avoid those delivery errors (“Not here you numpty, next door!”).

There’s got to be a business venture there…

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