In last week’s blog about The Miserables, I mentioned in passing a huuuge meal at a local curry house: It deserves a bit more of a mention.

I only know the bits of London closest to the office, so when I knew I was going to the Queen’s Theatre with a vegetarian, I asked my work chums for recommendations. One of m’colleagues recommended The Woodlands Restaurant, and after a quick perusal of the menu – you can peruse it too, it’s on the website – we decided to book.

We hadn’t had time for a proper read of the menu before we arrived, and it runs to several pages: None of the descriptions meant much to me, and Diet Buddy isn’t used to having a choice anyway, so we stuck pins in the menu and ordered a Woodlands Thali and a London Royal Thali. The waiter pulled one of those faces that means “Oh blimey, the cheesy English people have ordered enough food to feed a regiment”, but he covered it well. There was quite a lot, but apart from a few bits of rice, and some concoction that was too spicy for either of us, we scoffed the lot :-)

So – if you find yourself in the vicinity of Panton Road, call in at the Piccadilly branch of Woodlands Restaurant: Don’t worry if you’re not vegetarian, the food is great anyway and you won’t miss the meat.

Mind you, a Thali is a bit much for one…

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