n’Ice and Easy

Earlier today I mentioned in the chatroom that I used to be an ice skater, and that in my heyday had appeared in a number of Christmas Shows organised by the skating club in Southampton. Since nobody took me up on it then (apart from some rather unkind comments by SimonG), you can all read about it now.

The first show I was in, I was only knee high to a very short thing: I was a teddy bear and if the photos weren’t around to torment me, I wouldn’t remember a thing about it. In my long and enjoyable Ice Thespian career I progressed through being an eskimo, a weightlifter, Guy Fawkes, the number “6??? on a roulette wheel, the vicar in the “Flash Bang Wallop??? scene from “Half a Sixpence??? and a waiter (“Hello Dolly???). I was an American Sailor (“South Pacific???), a villager (“Fiddler on the Roof???) and a cowboy (“Oklahoma!???). The shows were all tremendous fun (although the 6 AM rehearsals on Sundays were a bit of a bugger), made even more so by the cameraderie between those taking part. The ages of the performers covered the whole range from “just old enough to stand up??? to “too old to stand up??? – I started when I was about seven, and I was 24 when we did our last show just before the Southampton Ice Rink closed its doors for the last time.

Needless to say, with all those sporty youngsters about, there was some bitchiness between the Mums as to whose little darling had the best roles, but that was business as usual, really. None of the adult skaters could be bothered with any of that nonsense really, which might explain why we had the rubbish parts.

And for some reason, the finale was always the Christmas scene from “Pickwick???, which might explain why all these years later I still know all the words to “That’s What I’d Like For Christmas???.

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