Get ‘orff Moi Laaand!

I think I might buy a couple of acres of land, stick up a decent security fence – maybe employ a security gecko or two – and open a caravan storage site.

It seems to be a seller’s market at the moment: all the storage places near me at the moment are full, with significant waiting lists for spaces. Sites with the highest security ratings can charge upward of fifty squids a month, and even the cheapest ones are probably doing OK.

The problem is, of course, that I’m trying to find somewhere to keep my new caravan: the place I bought it from has it at the moment, but it’s in their car park rather than a proper storage area, and they were only prepared to keep it until Christmas. They recommended me some storage locations to try, but they’re all full and although they usually have people giving up spaces and selling their caravans after the Autumn half term, that doesn’t seem to be happening this year. The new ‘van is too big for the driveway where the old one lived, so I have to put some urgency into the hunt. Hence my proposed business venture.

Mind you, having seen the price of land in Hampshire, I might have to re-think my plan. Anyone know where there are decent-sized warehouses for rent?

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