Digital Bits

Thanks to everyone who’s commented on my rants of the last few days :-)

I solved the Maplins problem by going to the branch on Waterloo Bridge the next morning: it’s on one of my walking routes to the office anyway, it opens at eight o’clock and the staff all know what they’re talking about :-) . The King, in his comment, suggested “…or buy online…”. That’s what I normally do, but I wanted the caravan gadget (of which more shortly) in time for this weekend. Anyway, the staff were friendly and helpful and I bought the four items I wanted without trouble.

The caravan-related object was a USB stick to turn my laptop into a digital TV – it seemed the cheapest and least-hassle method to get a TV in the caravan. It works, too…I shan’t be trying it in the caravan until tomorrow, but connected to the rooftop aerial at home it gets loads of digital TV and radio signals. The picture does freeze occasionally – my technical advisor tells me I need more rams, so I’m off to the livestock market on Sunday. Goodness knows where I’m going to keep them, but there y’go…

There’s also the puzzle of why as soon as I try to watch Sky News, the software crashes. TechnoBuddy reckons there’s some sort of good-taste filter.

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