This happened yesterday, but I didn’t want to overshadow Armistice Day by having a rant…

Maplin Electronics send me a sepcial offer catalogue every so often, and there’s usually something intriguing in there. Last week’s had something that would be ideal for my luvvly Mum for Christmas, and there were a couple of bits that I want for the caravan, so at lunchtime I headed off to the nearest branch – Mungo’s Maplins – to the office. My plan was simple – buy the four items I wanted, hand over my squids, then round the corner to Mungo’s Jacket Potato Shop to get my lunch and back to the office to eat. Total time – minus the eating bit – fifteen minutes max.

But I’d reckoned without how crap this particular branch of Maplins is: two things I found fairly quickly, my Mum’s Chrimbo pressie I never found at all, and the fourth item, the caravan gadget, I found in a locked display cabinet. I waited twenty five minutes for a member of staff with a key and a brain cell to be available, then gave up, dropped the two items I had managed to locate on the floor, and stomped out in a grump.

And by then, I only had twenty minutes of my lunch break left, and the queue at Mungo’s Jacket Potato Shop was out the door, so I had to go to Subway instead :-( . The only good part of the whole experience was that the low-fat sweet chicken teriyaki sub is on sepcial offer this week.

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