Two Minutes

One of the many ways in which my job is better than my previous job, is that at 11 o’clock this morning we all observed the two minute silence.

I don’t mean that at the Jelly Factory no-one cared about Armistice Day or anything – it’s just that with a continuous production line, to ensure that the whole line was silent between eleven and two minutes past, would have meant a four-hour shut down. And the mega-bosses at Head Office didn’t care about Armistice Day that much. Not that that’s too much of a criticism, there are probably loads of people who were in a situation where they couldn’t stop for two minutes reflection: Aircraft stayed in the air, landed and took off; traffic continued to move, and undoubtedly loads of other service and manufacturing industries rolled on. No disrespect is intended – it’s just that those people had to do their honour to the fallen in another way.

It was nice, though, that in our office, the only sounds were odd rustling and movement, until the bugler on Sky News played the Last Post.

We Will Remember Them.

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