Owner’s Manual

I went to Mungo’s Caravan Shop on Saturday afternoon for the technical run-through on my new caravan. This is where one of Mungo’s service engineers demonstrates all the technobits on the caravan, partly to show the new owner how things work and partly so that it’s proven that at the time the new owner took delivery everything WAS working.

Although I’ve been a caravanner for years, I’ve never used a caravan this new, so things like hot water and showers were all a bit of a new experience for me…at least in a caravan. But I now know all about water storage heating, cassette loos, extractor fans and all the other stuff it comes with. It’s also got an oven, and although he showed me how it worked, the use of such an implement is still a bit of a closed book to me :-)

And speaking of books, I’ve now got a box file full of instruction manuals: instructions for the loo, the water heater, the central heating, the oven, hob and fridge…although as I commented at the time, when you get a five-page instruction manual for the TV aerial, it’s time to question somebody’s sanity :-)

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