I had the opportunity to play with the “fireworks” mode on my camera last night.

I went with some friends to a firework display at the Rose Bowl, the home of Hampshire County Cricket Club. We ate hot dogs and drank coffee, and we listened to a four-song set by “Hope” – apparently they were on X Factor last year. The rain held off at exactly the right time – it stopped just as the fireworks started and started again when they finished.

Anyway, needless to say the high point of the evening was the fireworks, and they were pretty jolly good. For half an hour or so we went “Ooh” and “Aah” and generally had a lovely time. The pictures I took don’t go anywhere near doing it justice, it was a lovely display, and it got me all philosophical. There will be those who’ll say that the money spent on those fireworks could’ve done all sorts of good works if it’d been donated to charity, and I suppose that’s true, but think of the effort that went into the display.

There was the research and design on the fireworks, and the manufacturing process: Somebody designed the display, then somebody ordered, processed, delivered, and placed the fireworks. Finally, so clever performance person set them all off in the right order to make the display work. All that effort put into something whose only useful purpose is to look pretty and give people a fun evening.

I think perhaps if a bit more effort was put into fun, and a bit less into wars and greed and stuff, the world would be a much better place :-)

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