Regime Change

I’ve been getting a bit lazy recently.

As you may have inferred from previous blogs, I’ve got into the habit of getting the bus from Waterloo to the office: It’s so convenient, and if it’s raining I’m hardly not-under-cover at all, as I get off the bus right outside the office. The downside, of course, has been the effect on my waistline and overall fitness.

So with the help of my diet buddy, that’s all changing: I’ve started wearing my ankle weights again, and this morning I walked from the station. In fact I walked by a longer route than normal, as I picked up a cache on the way in. AND I walked through a filming location for the new series of Sherlock Holmes on the way – I considered trying to wheedle a bacon roll out of the location caterers, but I thought that might be a bit necky and went to Mungo’s Porridge Shop instead.

I’ll be on the bus tomorrow because I need to be in as early as possible – there’s “something going on”. But after that, look out for the new regime :-)

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