Mistaken Identity

At work today I was hailed by a lost-looking lorry driver.

Him: ‘ere mate, where’s your Goods In department?
Me: That depends, we’ve got three…what are you delivering?
Him: Dunno, hang on…(checks paperwork)…something for the print shop.
Me: That’s odd, we haven’t got a print shop. Let me have a look.
(He gives me the paperwork)
Me: Ah, you want Jelly Incorporated up the road…we’re Jellies R Us.
Him: Are you sure?
Me: Yes, look…(turns around so he can read the company name printed on the back of my hi-viz waiscoat)
Him:That says “Fat W**ker”.
Me: What?

It did too. I must remember not to stand too near the Despatch guys when they’ve got permanent marker pens in their hands.

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