TGI Friday

Well, yesterday’s blog got a good response…I must remember to tell more tales of how people abuse me – you lot obviously enjoy them. Funnily enough, tonight’s “Word of Mouth” on the radio was discussing schadenfreude (hope I’ve spelled that right, but I’m too lazy to check).

Anyway, I was listening to the above named radio programme while sitting in a traffic jam after work, heading for another geocache*. While I was on my holibobs, some sneaky devil planted a new multi-cache, Uncommon, within a mile of my house: It’s a set of three very well hidden clues leading to the final location. On Wednesday I got to the third clue before lack of time (and non-lack of rain)drove me to give up, so tonight I went back and finished it. Then I went to the gym and sat in the steam room for a while…and now I’m home. Ooh look, it’s nearly time for the Dressing Up Game!

*Did you see that smooth link between subjects? I’m good at this aren’t I?

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