No, not that sort of hacking.

It took me ages to get to sleep last night because of this cough. Eventually, after trying a different sleeping position and several nips of whisky, I gave up and resorted to cough medicine. Today I’ve been coughing and wheezing at work all day, and generally feeling spaced out (don’t worry if you eat our products, I spent the day in the office, apart from when I went to the canteen for a curry at lunchtime).

Basically the only useful work thing I did was to print off some charts that at least make it look as if I’d been working hard all day.

Then I went to the gym and sat in the steam room for as long as I could stand, then I went home. I think an early night is called for.

Thing I learned today: There’s still one gadget I forgot to remove from the car…oh bum.

Another thing I learned today: The network Nazis have somehow blocked Haloscan comments, even though we can still see the blogs on Blogspot. Grr>

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