I think I might be ill.

I’ve just come in from a very enjoyable evening down the pub, with my mate Mark the Buddhist. And no, no alcohol was consumed – I was driving. Anyway, as our discussion ranged over a vast miscellany of subjects, MtB slipped in the question “So what gadget are you going to buy next?” Do you know, readers, I was flummoxed.

A new computer? This one does the job just fine. A new GPS? Hardly, I think the six I’ve got are probably adequate for the time being. A new camera? No, got three of those. A PDA? OK, I’ve only got one of those, but how many does a man need?

Astonishingly, there are no gadgets I actually need. We considered a geocaching robot, which would go off and find the caches while I stayed in the pub, but decided that programming a robot to forge my signature in the cache log book was probably harder that actually doing the cache. I’d like a mountain bike, but I’ve got nowhere to keep one. I’d really like a boat, which has the potential to introduce all sorts of extra gadgets: Radios, radar, yet another GPS, etc. However, boats – or at least, boats big enough to accommodate all those gadgets – don’t come cheap, and since I haven’t got enough time for the hobbies I currently do, even I don’t think that would be a good value purchase.

So for the time being, there’s no gadget in my immediate buying-sights. Hence why I think I must be ill.

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