Kit Review

I promised you a few weeks ago, when I bought my hydration bladder, that I’d let you all know what I thought of it. Those of you who don’t know what a hydration bladder is could check one out here – this is the one I ordered, although they seem to have sent me the next size up.

Anyway, the point of the thing is that you fill the bladder with water, and it then slides into a sepcial inside pocket on the rucksack: The tube comes out through a rainproof hole in the side of the pack, and clips onto the shoulder strap, where it’s available to suck water from all day, without stopping or taking the pack off. When I first bought it, Rockin’ Rob – who’d already tried one – advised “advice of a most important nature would read “always use a flavoured liquid??? – it disguises the decidedly plastic taste of such a device.”. So needless to say, I tried it first with good old Lake District tap water, to see what happened.

I like it – it was a good investment. I stayed with water all week, and didn’t notice any plasticky taste or anything, and the usefulness of being able to sip a little and often was really good. The pipe doesn’t flap around and get in the way, and the only problem I had was when I forgot to fill it one morning and ran out of water halfway back to the car from Dow Crag.

In short, well recommended.

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