Weather – the Reprise

Today’s weather looked a bit better than yesterday, so we decided to have another go at the same walk. This time we not only found the one we failed on yesterday (oops), but three more as well – we went on and looked for some more, but one was placed in a suicidally insane location, so we decided not to bother, and the other was in the middle of a huge rockfield with a rubbish clue (“It’s in the middle of a huge rockfield”), and we were starting to run out of daylight, so we called it quits.

A much nicer day today…and we celebrated with a pub meal. Nothing wrong with Rob’s cooking (he’s very good, although don’t tell him I said that), but we all needed to relax and rest and it wasn’t fair for him to have to slave in the kitchen.

Plus, we’re almost out of beer…

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