The weather today was, to use a technical geocacher’s term, rubbish. We started a walk that would’ve given us seven caches, knowing all along that the weather might force us to change our plans, especially as we were going up high. Along the way we passed walkers going in the other direction who said things like “You’re not ging up there are you?”, or simply, “Good luck”

The first intended cache was a fail-to-find, and that was the point at which we had the first view of the ridge we were planning on traversing…it was a thousand feet above us and experiencing fog and driving rain. At that point it started to hail where we were, so we decided on a tactical withdrawal back to the car, and a couple of fairly easy drive-bys, punctuated by a visit to the pub.

It DID mean that on the way back to the cottage we had time to stop at Mungo’s Coal Shop (yes, he even gets up here), and as a result now have a roaring coal fire in the grate in the living room, which is nicely warming the rest of the house :-)

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