The Black Hand Gang

I’ve got a pair of gloves I like to wear when I’m caching and the weather is bad, like it was yesterday.

They’re an army surplus pair – the army call them “Northern Ireland gloves”, or at least they used to – I expect that name has been replaced with something a bit more politically correct now. Whatever they’re called, they’re designed to be worn in urban riots, because they’re well padded so that if some miscreant whacks you with a baseball bat, it doesn’t hurt so much. There aren’t that many urban riots in the places I go caching (although I’ve cached in both Nottingham and Portsmouth, so you never know…), but there are plenty of sharp rocks and plants, muddy places, and of course cold weather, and the padding provides excellent protection against those as well.

The downside of wearing them in wet weather – like yesterday – is that they’re black, and the dye still runs, even though I’ve been wearing them for years. Since we got in from caching yesterday, I’ve washed my hands loads of times, had a shower and done the washing up, but my hands still look like I’ve been digging coal.

If any of my readers used to be in the army and wore these gloves regularly…how did you stop your hands turning black?

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