That’ll be me then.

I know most of you will know what a puzzle cache is, and there are some brilliant ones in the Lake District, set by a chap called DuncScott: In particular there are a couple called “May the Lord Be With You??? and “May the Lord Be With You To???, each of which has no fewer than five puzzles to solve before you can go off and find an intermediate stage: Here you get some information which you combine with the solution to one of the puzzles, to tell you where the final cache is hidden.

We struggled with these last year – four of the five puzzles on each one were easy enough, but there was one more that totally eluded us – we couldn’t even work out what the puzzle was, never mind start solving it. So before we came up this year, I e-mailed the cache owner, told him what we’d done so far and he very kindly gave us a hint that helped us finish the solution.

So yesterday, we decided to start our Lake District trip with these two, plus a couple of other puzzle caches by the same person. We struggled up the hill to the first one – it was a gentle climb but we struggled anyway – found the item that gave us the information we needed, and sat down to plug the numbers into the final puzzle.

Which I’d left seven miles away in the cottage. Boy, was my face red.

I suspect it might be a little while before I live this one down.

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