I’m in the Lake District with Rob and Sarah!

I arrived yesterday afternoon – eventually. We all climbed on the Edinburgh train from Euston…and all got thrown off again when they announced it wasn’t the Edinburgh train. So we all trooped back to the concourse, where they told us that our train had been delayed by a points problem (eh?). So I scanned the available options, and decided to catch the Manchester Piccadilly train, because I knew I could get to Windermere from Manchester.

So when the Manchester train was called, I headed off to the appropriate platform and guess what? It was the train I’d just been thrown off :-(

Sadly for the cause of comic narrative, but luckily for me, I got all the way to Oxenholme without further incident, where I met Rob and Sarah, and we drove to Holly Cottage, our base for the week’s caching. It’s very nice and is seventeen seconds (we timed it) from the pub.

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