Turn the Music Up

Regular readers will know that I like to have a doze on the train. It isn’t a proper sleep, but that blissful half-and-half state where you could open your eyes and know what’s going on, you just don’t want to.

Proper sleep or not, I do find it difficult to achieve this state if there’s noise going on around me: people chatting, phones ringing (put it on “silent” for God’s sake) or those stupid automated announcements (we know where the safety posters are, you told us five minutes ago). Yet if I plug my headphones in and turn them up really loud – loud enough to drown everything else out – I can drop off in no time.

I can only think that it’s something like people who live in noisy places getting used to it, and being able to sleep in spite of the noise. Because the music I’m playing is familiar, I can shut it into the background and sleep through it.

I still haven’t slept so much that I missed my stop. Yet.

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