Clearing Up

Following my blog of a couple of weeks ago,in which I mentioned my successful career as an Ice Thespian, a few of you (well, one anyway) was kind enough to insist on a photo. OK, then, here you go.

The taller of these two annoying dweebs is me – the shorter one is my mate Steve, last heard of being a bus driver for Southampton City Transport. We were dressed as Eskimos (I believe “Inuit” is the current politically-correct term) for a sequence best described as a parade of nations. Unfortunately this one is much too far in the past for me to remember which year it was, or the name of the show, or anything, although it may conceivably have been the year we did “Showboat”. I may be able to dig out some more pictures of my other attempts to entertain the folks of Southampton – a city so short of amusement that we can’t even get Channel 5.

Today I was minibus man at church this morning: Most of this afternoon was spent doing more sorting out in the caravan after New Wine. And that’s about it, really.

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