Oh Dear

I was a bit late getting home last night.

M’colleague Dave, who leaves work mid-afternoon, rang me to say that all the trains out of Waterloo were held up because of a fatality at Earlsfield. When a fatality happens, it normally closes the lines for a couple of hours, and then everything slowly gets back to normal. So I decided to stay until my normal time, and hope that things had started to sort themselves out by then.

According to the very useful Journeycheck.com website, Southampton trains were back to normal just before I left work, but when I got to Waterloo everything was bonkers: according to the information boards every train was delayed or cancelled – in the end they called the slow train leaving 30 minutes late, and it was so full it was standing room only until Woking.

I actually got home about ten minutes later than normal, which isn’t bad. And compared to the fact that today, some family started the rest of their lives without a loved one, a bit of inconvenience is nothing really, is it?

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