Is it Holiday Time yet?

No, but almost :-)

I had another busy day yesterday: Huge fun, but busy. For the first eight hours or so, I was being an important Raynet person at the New Forest Marathon: We normally reckon this takes fifteen Raynet people out on the course, and a minimum of two – preferably three – in Control. Yesterday, as a result of illness, holidays and other last minute factors, there was me in Control, and six others out on the course. Running Control on your own is hard enough at the best of times, requiring the skills of an octopus in a paper-hanging contest, but on an event the size of this one…anyway, it would’ve been nice if you HAD stopped, Matt, and I’d probably have given you a job!

Once I escaped from there, I headed to my diet buddy’s house to eat hot dogs, watch Garfield II on DVD, and other fun activities :-) . And then I went home to bed.

And this morning, WorstBus Southampton failed to run the number 10, which meant I missed the train to work. Bummer.

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